Pacamara Brix Breaker Green Coffee Beans

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Specialty green coffee beans competition quality


Competition quality green beans.  These beans have won multiple awards.  It’s not often these high quality beans are offered by the pound.  They are mostly bought up quickly for commercial roasters trying for the Golden Bean award.  This is a unique opportunity to try this high of grade coffee without buying a large expensive bag.

Sold in 1 pound quantities.


The notes from the importer:

(MULTIPLE Golden Bean medals including a silver)
This coffee is beyond incredible. Experience it! An absolutely exceptional lot resulting from lots of hard work and teamwork.
Type sample cupping notes:
Dry fragrance: Prunes, plums, cherries, agave, refreshing, grapefruit, apples, cherry candy
Wet aroma: Sugar, cherry syrup, juicy, sweet, break sugar, cherry candy and juicy on break as well
Taste warm: Juicy, Kenya-like velvety, cherry, red velvet cake, smooth, saffron, plum, cherry juicy, sweet and juicy cranberry
Taste cooling: Liquid red velvet cake, outstanding, malic like a red apple first juicy bite, cherry juice literally, clean, wow, body, smooth, try as a pour over

Totally cold: 6:58 crack (405 degrees), 7:59 pulled
Sample roasting notes: 6:58 crack (405 degrees), 7:59 pulled

Additional information

Weight 1.2 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 4 in


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