Las Nubes’ Plum Sensation

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2019 Las Nubes’ Plum Sensation specialty grade quality green coffee beans sold by the pound for the home or commercial roaster


The Las Nubes community is made up of small producers. Farmers are diligent about sorting beans by producer, allowing us to regulate quality effectively. We have put running water, textbooks, and other necessities in schools of the Las Nubes community.
Dry fragrance: Oranges, citric, grilled lemon, caramelized sugars, grilled oranges, plum, dates, prunes, raisins.
Wet aroma: Plum sauce, gingerbread, cherry.
Taste warm: plum sauce, rooibos tea, honey, brown sugar, creamy, black cherries.
Taste cooling: Plums, brown sugar, Concord grape juice, black cherries, delicate tropical citric notes too, juicy.
Pour over: Plum juice, grape juice, body, mandarin juice, white grapes.
Sample roasting notes: Crack: 7:18 389 °F. Pulled 8:28.


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