Jairo and Fatima’s Fruit Compote Microlot

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2019 Jairo and Fatima’s Fruit Compote Microlot specialty grade green coffee beans sold by the pound fair trade support the farmer


Jairo and his wife are a young coffee-producing family with a Red Catuai microlot. Their coffee was used by a barista to compete in the regional US barista championship, and he successfully advanced to the final round. It wows us on cupping tables.
Dry fragrance: Cherry, grapefruit, white peach.
Wet aroma: butterscotch, vanilla bean.
Taste: Steak, juicy, malic, jasmine note, lilac note, body, pear juice, body, juicy, malic.
Luke warm and cold: Juicy, smooth! Whole mouth, fruit tea, fruit compote, apple sauce with cherries, juicy, body, pear, cherry.
Sample roasting notes: Antique Jabez Burns at origin. Previous roast was 8:33 crack, 9:45 pull. Withstood heat very well.


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