Finca Idealista Honey Process Rainforest Microlot

$11.50 $8.00

Specialty grade green coffee beans for sale by the pound / lb.


2019 Finca Idealista Honey Process Rainforest Microlot

Full bags are available for the commercial roaster

Helps fund the purchase of a rainforest to protect it
Dry fragrance: Papaya, peach, agave, buttercup, fruity, pineapple, honey, white rose, gingerbread with sugar, mandarin
Wet aroma: mango, sugary pineapple, orange with sugar, creamy, pecan pie
Taste warm: mango, sugar with pineapple, juicy, lemon with sugar, lemon cake, candied apple, malic, brown sugar, other roast brought out some cherry notes
Taste cooling: Mango, pineapple with sugar, apple sauce with cherries, smooth, juicy, smooth, brown sugar, try as a pour over!
Sample roasting notes: Crack: 6:00 at 399 °F, more cracks: 6:10, pulled at 7:20.

Pour over:
Taste warm: Brown sugar, plum, cherry! Pear, juicy, malic, sweet citric
Taste cooling: Red velvet cake, SMOOTH, rooibos tea, juicy, honey, azahar (orange blossom), apple sauce


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