Community Coffee Matagalpa

$7.50 $4.00

specialty grade green coffee beans sold by the lb.


Community Coffee Matagalpa offering is an economical option for roasters who are price sensitive. Its specialty coffee and is a mix of various producers, whose traceability Gold Mountain Coffee Growers maintains so we and you know exactly which lots make up this offering.
Dry fragrance: Tootsie roll, mulled wine, red wine, Brazil nuts, oak
Wet aroma: Cranberries, pecans, Brazil nut
Taste warm: Sweetness that lingers, lemon, chocolate, mixed nuts. Another roast yielded caramel, 50% chocolate or Swiss Miss in a ski lodge (foamy), juicy malic acidity
Taste cooling: Graham cracker, vanilla ice cream, creamy, medium body, chocolate. Another roast yielded juiciness, yellow peach
Pour over: Buttery, buttercup, velvety background, melted buttery chocolate with high cacao butter content (swiss chocolate), hershey’s swiss miss hot chocolate.
Sample roasting notes: Crack: 6:12. More cracks: 6:32 399 °F. Pulled: 7:40.


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